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<p>In the season of hot chocolate, warm blankets, chapped lips, and hideous colds we love wintery games, and the recently-released iOS runner Arctic Smash fits in rather nicely.</p><p>As you can probably guess from the title and/or pictures, Arctic Smash is a winter sports game with a nice diverse range of activities. From snowmobile races to slalom obstacle courses, there's something for everyone and something for every skill level.</p><p>Once you'd bossed the tutorial the snow-world is your oyster and you can choose between uphill and downhill challenges, daytime or nighttime levels, player modes, difficulty levels, and much more. Plus they've got an adorable Yeti that lurks about at night, so it's a winner for me.</p><p>For such a good-looking game it sure came out quietly with little word on the (digital) street and no trailer. Let's just hope it plays as good as it looks. Grab it now on the App Store free-to-play now. </p>.

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