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<p>If you're an iOS player who was intrigued by the Silver Award-winning platform shooter Bang Man!, you can now satiate your curiousity.</p><p>Yep, it has been released on iOS after winning us over on Android.</p><p>It has you catching crates out of the air to arm yourself with a gun in order to shoot enemies to get a high score.</p><p>The catch is that the guns have recoil that sends you flying back across the single floating platform.</p><p>There's actually a number on the crate they fly down in that indicates how many squares the recoil will send you flying back.</p><p>If you fall off the platform, or touch an enemy, you lose and must try again from scratch if you want to get a better score. It's tough, often involving frantic fumbling, so if you stand tall in the face of challenges such as this it should grab you.</p>.

GAME NAME Money Run 3D

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com.sigmateam.Money Run

Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2018(MOD (Unlimited Ammo) v4.9.0):

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