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<p>Black Desert Mobile's Field of Valour is back for a limited time only. It sees intrepid adventurers entering into a gruelling 30-minute battle as a party of five guild members or friends.</p><p>In order to gain entry to the battlefield, you'll first need to earn and spend some tokens of valour. These can most easily be obtained as special login rewards. In order to encourage teamplay, all party members receive their well-earned rewards as a group.</p>What is the best character class for Black Desert Mobile<p>What can you expect to face out on the battlefield? Well, an army of the game's nastiest creatures for starters. It's definitely one of the game's biggest challenges, and it's great to see its return so soon after it first appeared back in late February.</p><p>It was seemingly a huge hit, and this revised version is said to be even bigger and better, offering special rewards such as large amounts of ancient gold coins and silver.</p>.

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